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SG (january third 1990 / lebadon, ohio)


Poem By sandra geisell

as i lie there in the dark
as quiet as can be for fear of what
might happen to me even to scared to breath
he passes once, twice looking for me
hoping to hear my silent shattered breath
.he is the predator i am the prey, running
for my life hoping for just one more day
then i hear the footsteps stop he calls
'hear kity kity come out and play i
won't hurt you'i wish for my life i wish
to stay on this planet not to die away
or even just to say goodbye to my peers
i close my eyes wishing to be envinsible
i feel my tears rushing down my cheeks one by
one.i see his footsteps hear his call
then it happened my time was up i had lasted to
long goodbye i say sometimes i wish i had
been wrong the last thing i heard while i was
on this planet i call earth was the shot of a gun
and the laughter of triumph from my murderer

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