I’m lost in agony,
I have no hope to survive,
I see you yet you belong to her,
Bloody tears leak down my cheeks,
Tribute to your selfless lies,
Before my eyes your body fell,
Blood making a puddle on the floor,
So many lies,
I watched with pain filled eyes as they cut you up,
I found you half dead,
The last words you said were:
“I’m sorry about this everything I did wrong…Forgive me.”
I laughed “Forgive you when you hurt me? ”
With that said you finally let go,
For moments I cradled your body to my chest,
My tears hit your cold lifeless face,
I slowly dug your grave,
Then I gently placed you within the soils waiting arms,
I covered you body and on the tombstone I wrote:
Lost in lies you long to own.
That night I walked away with nothing else to say.

by Silver Akira

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