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Murdered Dreams!
(January,1975 / Georgia)

Murdered Dreams!

Poem By Lacy Greear Kobilis

Sickness enters into the soul
As memories of yesterday
Make you cold.
No warmth for the heart
It’s just you, and your dreams
Which have been torn apart
Torn apart by the wolves of lost love
Slain by the cold hearted, cruel souls
With swords ignited
By the lightening from above
Storms covering the sky
Taking away the will to fight
As your dreams lost their way
No guide in sight
They stayed behind to try and save you
But in the end,
There was nothing they could do
With fear taking over they let out a cry
After being shredded,
your heart let out a sigh
The dreams were gone; dead forever
No ghost lingering
And no spiritual afterlife
to keep them together!
All alone, you sit,
Wishing for something to help you
Help you stop the fire inside
The fire that burns eternally
In the hole, where your heart died.

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