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Just because a person carries a badge or wears a uniform
Their soul and their beliefs should not transform,
To think it's acceptable to murder or to commit homicide
Let God and then their conscience, and not hatred be their guide.

No one has the right to end an innocent person's life
Either with a gun or with a rifle, or with their hands or with a knife,
And if they are a soldier or a policeman who is in arms
They are the protector of life and not the monster that harms.

No one should be known as a assassin or a terrorist
From that evil and crime they should always resist,
A soldier and policemen are sworn to defend and to protect
They are not to hurt or murder, or with sins to infect.

They say that it’s an eye for and eye and tooth for a tooth
But, it is also a lie for a lie and truth for the truth,
A person might wear a badge for the glory and for the thrill
That doesn't give them the right to be judge and jury, and then kill.

A soldier protects our country from all foreign invaders
The police protects our homes from thieves and also raiders,
Not one of them has the right to ever commit manslaughter
We all are the children of God, and also someone’s son or daughter.

A policeman or a soldier’s brutality no one should ever endorse
They should not be praised by killing or by using extreme force,
They are the keeper of peace and the protector of the innocent
We should not be afraid of uniforms or badges as a guiltless citizen.

Randy L. McClave

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