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Home to echidna, roo, wallaby and dark pale eyed crow
The flat brown, bare and dry country where old Murray crawls silent, deep and slow
On through Tailem Bend as it nears the Pacifuc shore
Where it has flowed forever and will forever more

A waterway that has inspired song, story and rhyme
Old Murray was very old in the Dreamtime
It has flowed through millions of centuries through long Seasons of drought
Through thousands of kilometers of south eastern Australia to the sea in the south

For centuries before the first Europeans came
Australia's first people for their Country's longest river had a different name
But Murray the name it is known by today
Is the name it does seem that is with it to stay

Australia's longest river it's journey comes to an end
At the Pacific ocean close to Tailem Bend
It crawls to saltwater deep, silent and slow
Through the flat, dry and brown country where the saltbush does grow.

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