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Inspired by the young ladies who honestly opened their hearts and shared their stories for 'Project Butterfly' poetry writing workshop.

I look deep inside myself and wonder why.
How did I get to this place as time steadily passes by
I try to stay focused and enthused as my mind races back to
My Muse.

Cocooned resting in silk, labor free, to sleep deep
Safely away from the harm of bad company.

Your lives are a blessing begging to be lived purposefully
Free of baggage and drug hazed wondering
Loosed from those crazed friends who are just wanna be's
Dead weight, that's weighing you down, tied to your ankles
As you sink deep in the sea of denial
'What did I do to get here' you ask yourself.

I polluted my body with heroin, speed, and a little bit of weed and now...
My being is left here alone to rot in this jail cell all by myself.
Night after night, after my arrest, my body shakes from convulsions
Bed wet from sweat all because I had no self respect.

I hate this feeling, mad as I want to be...now I lay dormant
Cocooned ready to be set free praying for my life
To be lived purposefully.

'How did I get here' my mind wonders why or do I care
As I gruelingly do my time, first time, last time...is this my test.
I thank God because it could have been my death
One snort of some junk stuff, could have been just enough
To have my body laid too rest.

Why do I do this ministry that I'm blessed to do
'Project Butterfly' it is you..
My Muse into which my passion is enthused,
I care about what happens to you, let me love and teach you, to think...

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hmmmm a sweet piece and meaningful enough..loved it and let me say well done..and never stop writing..like your way of writing sweet poems like this one..well done 10/10