Father To A Son.

these tears of joy,
are for the first time that i saw you
my beatiful baby boy,
i never thought this love i would find,
for what i feel for you is so deep inside,
when i see your face i see mine,
when i look into your eyes i can see the sun shine,
no matter how hard times may get,
just remember that im here for you dont ever forget,
for you are my hart my strenght my all,
when ever you need me just give me a call,
for i will always be here for you until the end,
because im more than just a father im also your friend.

Copyright ©2009 Jose Murguia

dedicated to my son: nicholas anthony murguia i love u always!


Comments (2)

A change in your style (according to the works of yours that I have read) here, Gersh...but I was hooked from start to finish. Send me your Hebrew bible in verse once you've finished it, will you? Gina.
Well done Gershon you have opened my eyes to a new way of looking at a biblical event. Patricia Gale