In my youth's years, she loved me, I am sure.
The flute of seven pipes she gave in my tenure
And harked to me with smile -- without speed,
Along the ringing holes of the reed,
I got to play with my non-artful fingers
The peaceful songs of Phrygian village singers,
And the important hymns, that gods to mortals bade.
>From morn till night in oaks' silent shade
I diligently harked to the mysterious virgin;
Rewarding me, by chance, for any good decision,
And taking locks aside of the enchanting face,
She sometimes took from me the flute, such commonplace.
The reed became alive in consecrated breathing
And filled the heart with holiness unceasing.

by Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin

Comments (6)

May be, infatuation of an youth, marvelously portrayed.
Filrty love........nice write up
Nice poem with great flow and sweet rhyming. Enjoyed.
Superb, Peerless, genius! The best of all times!
From morn till night! Thanks for sharing.
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