In This Utter Ruin

. In This Utter Ruin.
A dark mist hovers above
The faint lights of the ruin,
And the same hope we pinned
On secularization clearly fails us,
What did we really think?
That in the abundance of
Human wisdom consists peace?
Nay, it is pangs we have
Thrust in the soft of our flesh,
Travail has marked our strides,
And our kids have learned to
Drop our jaws with bad jokes,
Shall we laugh to this horror?
Our tender herbs do not bud,
For their rain has become gore,
And they slay each other
Like mammals from different prides,
Their visions are to die then
Get wealthy with no conscience,
This is what happens when you
Shun Jehovah out of the system,
Civilization is a great idea,
But when are we embarking on it?
Shall our governors continue
To deride us with their statutes?
This is vanity, the loudest we
Sing of economic development,
Depression is what we get,
The wrath of Yah shall be
The only development we see,
In this utter ruin,
Called civilization.

by Irvin Relebogile

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