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Mushera In February

Across the high country the chilly winds blow
And the foothills of Mushera are covered in snow
And in the cold winds of February drizzling rain and sleet
Falling on the high fields above the Town of Millstreet

One might say a typical February day
But Spring from the high country not far away
In six weeks from now grass will commence growing and the nesting wildbirds will sing
In the leafy groves of Aubane near the prime of the Spring

And under house eaves the sparrows will build their nests of feathers and hay
And the swallows will be home to breed from places far away
And the skylark high above the bracken will fly
For to welcome the dawn in the gray morning sky

The stream bank high in flood to the river does flow
And the cattle in farm shed for fodder bellow
And across Mushera's face creeps the gray fog of rain
And brown storm water flowing swiftly in every drain.

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