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Mushera On An August Day

Up to the cloud World of the blue and gray sky
The larks with the sun on their brown wings do sing as they fly
On the calm of the evening of a nice August day
The memory of such beautiful scenery a lifetime to stay

Mushera was ancient when the chieftians were in their prime
But they like all others fell victim to time
Their legends are losing out to time's decay
And nobody knows where their last remains lay

Above Aubane valley in the high green countryside
From Mushera the old hill scenic views far and wide
Of Muskerry and Duhallow far as the eyes can see
The beautiful views of amazing scenery

On the bracken clad face of the ancient hill
Time that ages most things does seem to stand still
Mushera has not changed it still looks much the same
As it did before humans did give it a name

In the woods of the foothills wood pigeons cooing on the trees
And blowing across the high countryside a pleasant Summer breeze
By Mushera mountain on a nice August day
Such beautiful memories a lifetime to stay.

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