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Mushera Valley In December

It is cold in Mushera Valley when the chill winds of December blow
And the swollen from rain Aubane River bank high in the old fields does flow
In the farm sheds cattle for fodder are bellowing as the dawn is breaking cold and gray
In Winter in Mushera Valley the sun seldom shines any day
The high and narrow Butter Road is quiet in December few cars and trucks pass up and down
In Spring, Summer and early Autumn there are far more traveling to and from Millstreet Town
But the worst of weather does not stop people of dancing in Aubane Hall where they do dance all year round
Happy people live in Mushera Valley above Millstreet on the high ground
It is cold in December by Mushera too cold for any grass to grow
The gray fogs of rain steal down the mountain in weather cold enough to snow
The migratory redwing thrushes are chirping on the naked bushes and trees
In the northern woods they breed in the Winter months much colder than by Mushera perhaps minus twenty degrees
It is cold by Mushera in December in the last weeks of the old year
And do expect snow on the foothills as Christmas with each day draws near.

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