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Poem By Aarif Ameen

15 January 2009

I am the music
The music that you know
I want you to play me
Play me in a way
As you want me to play

Play me when you want
Play me when sorrowed
Play me in all’s absence
Play me by the time
When you feel me playing

I am the music of heart
The music that public likes
You are the music of love
The love that we did
The love that we make
The love that I write
The love that public reads

Play me my love
Thus I play you
Let’s play and played
Let’s love and loved
Let’s sing and sung
Let’s feel and felt
The music of love
In the music of heart
Here, there, every where
It’s me and you all

It sounds me never
It seems me factual
It feels me pleasant
It fragrances me delight
It lights me moon
It strikes me summer

Wish you with me here
Putting on the cloth of friendship
Wearing the smiles of happiness
Collecting charms of life
Singing and performing on me

I want you to hear me
Play me through my sounds
Beating your lips on me
Strike me where you want
Play me as you should
Griping your fingers
As your arms griped me

Suck my blood and empty me
Empty my heart and let me
Fill my space with joy and love
In the days of summer
With desire of me
Touch me or touch my soul
Move and move like me

Wish we were amuse like
The sights of Rhine
An amusement of laughter
An enjoyment of tears
The fear of Masters
The nature of beauty
The love of time

I want you to play me
Play me when you are frighten
Play me in the darkness worst
Play me by the moment you need
Play me as you wish

I am the music
I want you to play me
Play me in a way
As you want me to play

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Comments (4)

I am the music I want you to play me Play me in a way As you want me to play...love th music as you love anybody else.. it will give you full joy and satisfaction...lovely creation....10 read mine music band....school...no teacher, please...henlaid an eggs....smiley
words playing music in your good poem, Aarif...10
Very nice writing Aarif. This is the best of the five I think.
so amazing! ! ! . It kept my attention threw out the whole poem, It flowed very well. I think you did a great job writing this as well.