Grandkids Should Of Been First

Our lives are full of beautiful things,
as we grow older and older.
I still remember that wonderful time,
and the day I got to hold her.
And I still remember the day he was born,
so great to now have two.
What more could a grandpa ask for,
a boy and a girl, how cool.
If only we could have had them first,
grandkids are better than our own.
We spoil them first, then hand them back,
they're only on a loan.
So for those of you who have grandkids,
you understand it now.
Those grandkids bring you happiness,
they just have a way, somehow.
So enjoy them while you can,
they'll soon be up and grown.
But you'll always love them just as much,
until the day you're gone.

by Robert Stewart

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