Music Composed Due To......

Poem By Baktavatshalam Shanmugam

god blessed space with planets and stars,
good thought caused so many steer,
guard against humanity exist due to music,
ghostly existence enhance peevishness,
ghastly appearance soothed due to music,
mostly mused for new developments and etc., .
fast and feast support envelopments are,
mince such that hence caused hare,
hence suction often; finger movements mechanized,
since earthly developments produce hearth,
sine and cosine waves exists for vibration,
sin and win situation recorded inertly,
devastation too described with music,
origin of never known until we,
predicted pronounce of coined phrases also,
fabricated god and music hand in hand,
music valley all across the space,
notes are recorded and hence nodes spawn,
neat sound and hence wheat grinding,
weed and seed separated also music,
any sound waves interpreted music,
god and mood; described and interpreted,
large or lounge music enhances mood,
(M) ate (U) niversal (S) c(I) ence (C) reativity.

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