(21/09/1956 / Ottapalam- Kerala State- India)

Music In Literature

Upon the ears of the primeval man
Nature descended in multifarious voices,
In rhythms and patterns,
In a language known to brooks and forests;
the sprawling meadows and the whispering winds.

He listened, attributions were made,
Logos, in steps were derived.
World was progressively codified,
Primal forms of language evolved,
Syntax followed, centuries witnessed.

Rhythms of nature metamorphosed-
Rhymes were gradually born.
Worded music opened a copious lore,
Verses leaped unbound from the primal heart,
In the wings of poesy, man was flown.

Words in unison followed scales,
It sounded a fine resonance.
Prose and poetry, in the liveliest semblance
Presented the music of language,
the very song of the elated heart.

That music in literature is an art,
A fine inlays work, a lace, a delicate craft.
There is a heart in every word,
A word in every heart,
Literature has a tone, mellower than the prodigious nightingale!


by Ravi Panamanna

Comments (2)

A perceptive write well executed. The last stanza expresses it all.10
Literature's singing in my heart, Again on my soul he made many arts, That elates me in the dawn, Takes me to the dusk, and loan me to fun. Thanks for sharing. Joshua.