Music Is Life

Please switch on
The tape recorder
And press
The ‘Play' button—
Let the music begin…

Do not touch
The pause,
Fast forward,
Or, the Rewind buttons

Let the music flow
The way it is—
At its own pace

I do not
Wish to rush
Into my future
By pressing
The ‘Fast Forward' button

Do I want to retrace
My steps
Into my hoary past
With the ‘Rewind' button

I want
To live
In the present moment
I want to enjoy it
So, just press the ‘Play' button
And, leave it there

Let the music play
As it always does
I want to
Take life as it comes
Let me take my life
In my stride

I do not
Want to pause,
Fast forward,
Or, rewind my life

I just want
To unwind
And enjoy
The music
For what
It is worth
Is life

by Vincent Van Ross

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A lovely poetic take on the essence of music and the need to take things/situations in stride. A witty reflection on life bristling with wisdom. Thanks for sharing Vincent.