Music Lost And Found Again

Poem By Michelle Stanek

Music is a part of me
Music is my soul
Music is my language
Music is how I talk

Then I hurt my wrist so bad
That I could not talk
The pain was so severe
I thought all was lost

I had to stop making music because of the pain
I started to lose hope of ever playing again
I started to cry
I felt like I was losing part of my life

But a light shown in the darkness of night
Hope aroused to help me fight
A doctor in a white coat
Showed me how to cope

With his help, I am treating the pain
The pain in my wrist is slowing going a way
I stopped crying a short time ago
For now I have the tiniest of hope

I may be able to make music again
If the pain keeps going away
Now I do not feel like I’ll shatter like glass
If not I will kick the doctor in the ass.

-Michelle Stanek

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