(July 13,1991 / Indiana)

Music Nation

I place the earphones in my ears
And my mind begins to wander
So many hear the music play
But the value of it; they squander

When my favorite song begins
A marvelous rythmn will start
And a soft beat begins to flow
It beats to the rythmn of my heart

Everyone around can hear it too
I see them dancing down the street
Their bodies moving to the flow
Of the intricut beat

They whirl around in perfect formation
Their technique is masterful but discreet
The simulation of their moves
And the unity of their dancing feet

Suddenly the music stops
My battery is running low
And there is no one dancing around me
And my disapointment begins to grow

My music creates a nation
That moves to a differant song
And moves to a rythme
That is independant and strong

But when the music fades
The reality begins to slowly ache
It has no movement or life
And everything I knew is fake

When I want to escape
Into a whole differant nation
I'll just put on my earphones
And dwell in inspiration

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