Music Of A Vision.

Poem By Lyre Bleus

If I could ever hear
The music, of a flower
Slowly unfurling to bloom
Blowing out kisses of perfume
Blessings to the world....

If only I could just hear
The music, of a butterfly as the little flier
Emerges from the ugly prison of an old pupa
Its wings an array of color
As it tries to flutter
Greetings to the world......

If I could ever hear
The music, of a watery crystal
As the clouds began to weep, a droplet
Or a snow flake began its descent
On its way to bless the world...

If I could only hear
The music, when a scared hungry little waif
Heaves a sigh of relief
At the kindness of a passing angel
Smiling gloriously at the world....

If I could only hear
The music, of lovers
Making love under the full moon
On a deserted beach by a serene lagoon
Ecstatic with the world…..

Comments about Music Of A Vision.

This is very creative and imaginative for the reader. That makes this a special poem. It is one which could be useful in many ways. A wothwhile endeavor for a poet. Greenwolfe 1962
Very wistful and lovely too. I heard the music singing in this poem.

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