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Music Of The Heart....
CH (23 December / New Zealand)

Music Of The Heart....

Poem By Chelsea Hansford

Tell me can you feel it,
Here hold out your hand,
Place it lightly on my heart,
My beating drummers band.
Can you feel the pulsing,
The ebbing of the tide,
It's whispering my secrets,
All I've tried to hide.
Tell me can you hear it?
Its music just for you,
Touch a little harder,
Can you hear the Blues?
Its become a symphony,
Beating, pulsing, yearning,
Rhythmic trances stupify,
As the tales turning.
Tell me can you see it,
Jumping from my soul,
The music is alive now,
Quick! Come take a hold.
Feel it in your fingers,
Twisting round your smile,
Music you can live by,
It can play any style.
Now hold me to your body,
And let the beating be,
Shared between our senses,
Like musics meant to be.

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