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Music To My Ears

When I heard her voice for the first time
I heard an orchestra playing
clarinets, pianos, trumpets, drums, cymbals
it did not start slow and went to the crescendo

It was bang bang in the beginning
my soul shivered
heart leaped out of my chest
and I was drowned

to the bottom of the ocean
I saw bright lights
shining as white pearls
and changing colors fast

tingling sensations all over my body
shocks going down my spine
hair stood on its ends
my body trembled

goosebumps, yes goosebumps...

it was music to my ears
sweet songs of love
echoed long in my ears, like
I love you, love you, my love.

by Ravi Kopra

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Thank you Jette for stopping by and reading my poems. I noticed that you have posted some new poems. I will come to them later. I have already listed you as my favorite poet.
Love and music go hand and hand. The concept of music beginning with a crescendo, with the instruments that bring a bang (cymbals, drum, trumpet) linked to the idea of an instant and intense love that persists, is a great comparison. Thanks for sharing.