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Music, You Are Love
MJB (July 1,1985 / Washington, DC)

Music, You Are Love

Poem By Michael J. Burt

you are there when i am lonely
when i am sad,
when i am one step from giving up.
through good times and bad,
sickness and in health, you are there for me.

comforting, in every way...
you were there when i needed you the most,
for every occasion...winter, summer, spring, and fall,
hard times and struggles,
gossip and mental pain.

you have always had a song for me,
to brighten even my darkest of days.
you are there...

i don't know what i would do without you
i am incomplete without you
i am not me without you

you are different in many ways,
and have different styles
with every note
and every rhythm
are beautiful words you've given.

there is no World without you
and without a World no life could be
and without life there is no love
and without love, there is no you
music, you are love.

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