(1873 - 1958 / Kent / England)

President Predators And Propaganda

Vertical slabs of concrete
Elevate toward the heavens.
Hidden, shallow grey lives
Find refuge in long, vacant shadows.

Foolishly, salivating from HIS
Rancorous, fallacious fodder.
Gobbling up the sweet arsenic
Cleaving integration and solidarity.

Without the solace to escape fate,
Hopelessness takes harbor
in the once independent sanctum.
Evil's secreting wrath prevailed.

Freedom's experiment strangled by
Multi-national corporations and greed.
Propaganda-for-profit fills the air-waves.
Social media enabling and perpetuating the lie.

The destitute blindly blames the "other"….
When the "other" is beneath their very skin,
On the couch and a remote on click away.
Thumbing the latest electronic "surveillance" device.

Indoctrination was easier than expected,
As vistas of unity are undermined and
Americas liberties are trampled to death.
Authoritarians gleefully wallow in our demise.

Drowning mortals flail in seas of
financial distress, as stock markets gain.
Deep beneath the thick aggregate
Wall Street's faux wealth fuels the 1%

Afterall, true democracy and capitalism
Could never co-exist. Money would not be fair.
It just wanted more and more and more and
more and more and more and more and …..

Corporate welfare is good, as long as the underprivileged and the underpaid are the ones paying.
And in return…, PTSD—Medical Bill Bankruptcies- -Suicide- -Opioid Addiction- -Depression- -Eviction- -Repossession- -Homelessness- -Starvation- -….and yes, even racism. They'd rather we turn on one another than to turn against them. Distractions have always been their way to retain our money and make it seem like it was the "other" that has held us back and kept our wages depressed. Meanwhile, many will continue to blame those different from them for all of their problems and ills of the world. And the very people planting these propaganda seeds of hate are laughing all the way to the bank. In many cases, the very banks they own.

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A world without music. A quiet and lonely road. A amazing and wonderful poem.
Heart touching
My heart just sunk
What a beautifully written ode to music, Thank you
providing it's the right music it can raise everyone's spirits.
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