Musing Knotted

we are as a bundle of chords on the floor, each decision we make
is the hand that plucks us and plugs us into what we do.

through the myriad of decisions we make each day,
and the monumental ones we make over time,
the chords become jumbled and tightly wound,
plugging in, unplugging, organizing and mixing around

and this jumble of chords that eventually forms is the tightly wound knot of our existence.

Inevitably we pull to plug in one cable,
and other becomes unplugged,
This really defines each of our personalities
because of the decisions we have to make,

“do i really want to decide/plug into this?
or should i stay plugged into the conflicting terminal? ”

some choose to conform and just 'go with the flow', and
this conformation is the act of untying all these knots
and finding a loom to arrange our entirety,
but only entirely artificially.

once we've assorted (mentally or chemically) each of our chords,
the events and actions in our life are easily plugged into,
and we become too malleable.

this only expedites our monotony, turns us into beings
as structured and logical as robots, but as this robot,
we make our decisions because of other's commands.

don't you see that the beauty of each of our beings is the contours of our knots?
The internal colossus of confusion that ensues just from living each day?

While this is better, appreciating the knots, than conforming, some become too caught up in the appearance of the clutter. It's too much a superficial way to describe a noun that has further implications than mere appearances.

its the same as complimenting one on how the cells of our skin appear,
it's not really the way it appears that is attractive to us,
It's not the web that should be appealing or definitive,
it's the sum of all, that becomes more valuable that the individual actions.

It's really the function of our knots that should be appreciated.

it's the function, not the appearance of our web of knots
that work to not only define who we are
(the appearance of the knots, superficial)
but what we produce with the decisions we make
from the constant plugging and pulling.

as juxtaposed as it sounds, this isn't contradictory,

take for example the image of santa.
as children we're taught to regard him
because of his jolly spirit, but as we mature
we realize that the reason we enjoyed his pseudo presence
isn't because of his pseudo personality, that's just a description
we sing of in songs. we really value him because of the toys
he gives us as children
(which is his lasting effect, his products,
decisions produced from the knot) .

we are these mental adolescents when we judge others because of their knotted personality traits, because it's their contributions through the knots to humanity that should be valued.

by Maxwell Ames

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Good poem. Vivid imagery and remarkable style. I loved the way you composed the poem. Voted 10. Thanks for sharing..... Kindly read and vote my poem 'A humble complaint.' on page 2. Regards Akmal