A muse to inspire you

A muse to conspire with

A muse to amuse

A muse to muse with

She-muse for he

He-muse for she

This land of Amusement

is the place to be!

(3.13.06 - Thanks to the best He-muse around, A.C.!)

by Esther Leclerc

Comments (16)

Esther, what a charming lively play on words. I suspect the inspiration has come from Thalia (muse of comedy) , or possibly for the he-muse, she-muse lines, Erato (music of erotic poetry) . Certainly my favourite muse Terpsichore - muse of dance - enjoys the rhythm of the piece. Clever girl. love, Allie xxxxxxxxxxxx
'Musing' is quite 'a-musing'... :) a kinda tongue-twister too... nice write.. regards... asma...
Amusing.... Really amusing Anjana
A very entertaining piece of work. I found it funly amuseing. Keep pluggin' em' out. God bless-Michael Jeffrey Gale.
lovely rhyme... gr8 hera pheri of words.. liked it :) Preets
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