Everything is not going well
People exclaims!
But everything was not well
In yesterdays and years also
Then why should we worry
The events will go in its own way
Not to be perturbed in matters
Perseverance is the real solution
Move with confidence always
Perceive the events in clarity
The real life events teaches us.

by Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

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Quran says - Allah is with them who keep patience because patience is source for hope and hope leads to perseverance.. and you have beautifully painted and Asad has quoted too, so friendship is bliss thank you
Hafiz Shirazi says: Patience and success are friends of each other, Success comes as a result of patience. Thanks for sharing this meaningful poems!
Some people complain that now life isgoing down the drains! But remember, there have been problems from the beginning of time! They are not anything new! So what we should do is to face them with confidence! Great message and a beautiful poem!