DC (10.11.1969 / Chennai)

Musings On Life

Life is a bed of roses,
For those who are kind,
No matter what the problem posses,
They are still divine.

Life is a lesson and a test,
You pass when others don't fail,
You fail when you don't give your best,
You favour the needy and the heavens hail.

Life does not make anyone an orphan,
For he has the company of the LORD,
The bonds don't last that often,
When until YOU cut that chord.

Life isn't the best when happy,
For sorrow is close to that DIVINE,
life blesses you with a (S) HE,
But you should never claim they are MINE.

Life is a road not to stray,
SINCERE are the one's chosen,
Blessed prayers keep the perils at bay,
The test is always on your true devotion.

Life is to live and not in war,
Harvest peace in the heavens of your mind,
Any life is to be cared for,
For once stepped wrong, THERE IS NO REWIND.

by Deepak Calyampoondi

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