Just another ripple in the pond
Another sound wave in the musiverse

Just another grain of sand
To one day amount to a bar a soap

Another spec of stardust
Gathering itself to shine
To one day cross the sky

Maybe someone makes a wish
Or confuses me with July 3rd or 5th

Just Maybe

Maybe, being out of this world
Means you really have to be down to earth

Just another law of attraction
Another pull of gravity
Another sense of reality in the musiverse

So let's look at the stars
That's cell phone screens shining bright

I see god when I see a sea of humanity unite
In the musiverse

Notes, chords, rhyme pattern, drum pattern
Must be Jupiter, mars, Venus, Saturn

Could it be
To be out of this world
One truly has to be down to earth
Well that's one for the musiverse

Would it be weird if I breach the atmosphere

When office chairs in the studio
Sit you at the command of a space ship

When you turn the music up you speed into oasis

Light years beyond
What the rest of the musiverse on

Calling mission control
Like Houston we have a problem

We found guns equipped with LaseRs
Armstrong foot prints, water on mars,
Sand castles the size of pyramids
Looks like we are not the only life form,
In the musiverse

by Dominick Bernard Francois

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