AS (12-19-52 / Boston Ma.)

Muslim Children

How dare you insult, demean and act as prosecutors of a dream
You who had the messenger for a reasonable living scene
The mosque that was to replace the temple you profane
You are truly the children who will be remembered for your shame.

Women and children you destroy whenever you can
Even your own you sacrifice; as you act like a common man
You destroy because of yesterday and today, but it is for tomorrow
That your children have to carry your damnation of sorrow.

They are gifts your Allah has given to you for such a short time
Yet you spit on your God Allah, by destroying their earthly line
Your people are holy and your women and children never to offer
Life is for the living; not filling your coffer.

You can achieve what has been denied to date
Rely on your Mohammed and not on fate.
They suffer and destroy children as well as you
Who is this God? that sanctions such a view.

Mohammed knew the secret lies in the love for a brother
He knew your God would have no other
Please leave the women and children from your childish play
Be strong for them and not deny them life; for another day.

Your adversaries also have their God and also their brother
They also know their God would have no other
If persistence is to be your God then know theirs also will they share
And on the field of battle neither will find their God anywhere.

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