Must It Always Be So?

What is it in the human mind
which explains myth and fact
in the language of the theology
of Beginning and End,
in terms of the philosophy
of Cause and Effect,
defining limits in time and space,
fixing the bounds of a confined place,
where free minds are content to dwell
within the walls of an intellectual jail.

What is it in the human mind
which challenges the limits imposed,
and dares to seek the land beyond,
where there's no beginning or end,
where Logic is damned
and Reason confounded.

What is it in the human mind
it denies what it finds
and doubts what it sees
in the newfound land;
it considers it a mirage,
an intellectual outrage,
so it remains in its cage,
donning the garb of a sage,
teaching the wisdom of its age
to minds happy to be in a cage.

Must it always be so?

by Isam Hussain

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