MA (7th February / Lagos, Nigeria)

Must We Kill To Get To His Heaven?

I saw on a wall, in the street of religion
an inscription which Reads

'So when you meet
those who disbelieve,
smite necks
till when you have killed and wounded many of them,
bind a bond firmly
thereafter either for generosity
or ransom
until the wars lays down its burden.
thus ordered by Allah to continue in carrying out Jihard
against the disbelievers.
till they embrace Islam
and are saved from punisment
in the Hell-fire.
but if it had been Allah's will,
he himself could certainly have punished them '
When i was done with reading the epitah
I said to myself

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I enjoyed reading this. You should see some of the things Muhammed himself said - very warlike. Islam doesn't have a monopoly on extremist lunatic followers, but it certainly seems to have more than its share of violent ones.
i prefer the days when men sang to the moon cried to the sky shouted to the waterfalls in attempts to solve their predicardments