I don't remember my name.
I know nothing about innocence, peace, nor happiness.
No one will change me; I shall always remain the same.
So be my guest; enter my world full of craziness.

I see people as foolish, time-wasting issues, but they are quite easy to solve.
It is my solution to it all: killing them, hurting them until they bleed to death.
Only the weak seek for another solution, but only by killing I evolve.
Oh, how delightful, pleasant, and fun it is to hear a dying sinner's last breath.

To kill is to neutralize.
The true, serious, and brave way to end a problem is with murder.
I loved her reaction when she saw my gazing, deadly eyes.
Oh, how outstanding was her dark-red blood when I finished her.

In my life, I learned that the greatest teacher is pain.
It taught me that fear is only reflected by the weak.
Only the good shall be spared from my madness, while the toxic bastards will feel their wrists being slit, blood spilling out from each vein.

I may be called a monster, but it is the corrupted society that has made me like this.
There is no escaping now; this wilderness of mine seems to me so sweet, yet so bitter.
From the start, life had betrayed me and had given me a poisoned kiss.
When the time comes, I must accept my own fate. For now, I accept myself as a righteous killer.

by Carlos Perez

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