I like the sound of the ocean,
It gives me a feeling of pure tranquility,
It's a feeling equivalent to the effect your voice has on me.

I like the colour blue,
It makes my sombre repercussions few,
It could never out-weigh the feeling I have when I'm around you.

Chocolates bring me into an oasis,
To attempt to eliminate certain circumstances,
By sweet endulgance
Which self-eliminates
When I feel your embrace.

I love poetry
It flows within me,
With every heart beat
I seak
For new expressions
To heal my secret depressions.

But with my head on your chest
Never before has my mind been in a state
Of an intensley peaceful rest,
I just pray you can relate
To the amount of emphasis
That this poem expresses
On my new meaning of finding an oasis.

by TracyLee Eckstein

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greatly philosophical thought- Man's yesterday may ne'er be like his morrow; Nought may endure but Mutability.
Excellent poem............
....most excellent, deep and thoughtful ★
Wow. profundity meets style and the result is what i just read.
Deeply philosophical and sombre, yet so moving. Shelley's poetry always pulls the strings of heart. In my opinion, PBS is perhaps the greatest verse artist in the English language. Certainly the most lyrical and the most versatile.
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