Good Work

I open the door to good work,
Hoping a way is open to hard work.
This is the route to happiness,
Minds are engaged in hope and harps,
These play by the fingers of the soul
To enrage those in false endeavours,
In misdemeanours, and hard work.
Your presents presented and hard work gained,
The next layer of happiness sows relief
To the good working soul, the almighty heart.

by Naveed Akram

Comments (21)

greatly philosophical thought- Man's yesterday may ne'er be like his morrow; Nought may endure but Mutability.
Excellent poem............
....most excellent, deep and thoughtful ★
Wow. profundity meets style and the result is what i just read.
Deeply philosophical and sombre, yet so moving. Shelley's poetry always pulls the strings of heart. In my opinion, PBS is perhaps the greatest verse artist in the English language. Certainly the most lyrical and the most versatile.
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