Giving the heart to someone mutely
Suppressed emotions pierce the depth
Couldn’t air the mourning blatantly
For your apathy, still in mute breadth.

You set your light to someone new
While these hands role as lovers
Armoring you in anguish, a time not few
While this damnation still uncovers

Is it amiss to love that isn’t less?
Does love sometimes go wrong?
Is love blind, often sightless?
Or is it I who don’t fight this prong?

Never a time did I not retrospect,
The days we hold and embrace
All these for me are worth the recollect
When I’m alone in my lonely craze.

Do I have to cross the firmament?
Do I have to feel the belittlement and frowns?
This world is sometimes in unfair judgment
When this beg scatters in the cruel ground.

Why does a man belong to a woman?
Why does a woman belong to a man?
Why can’t He bless His works’ want?
If He scrolled that two become one.

Why can’t heaven bid this kind of heart?
Why must you say, be distant?
Why must our paths split and part?
When in grace you’re so significant.

Agony, shame and fear—
The driving forces that bar this valve near
To candidly make this feeling dear
Could hardly fire, couldn’t spear!

Why does a man belong to a woman?
Why does a woman belong to a man?
Why do I have to love you in wan?
When the other two can become one?

by alejandro bernardo

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