Muwala Wa Hajji

Spill warm single syllables in ever re-sounding crescendos
That with admiration I will sing with lyrical diminuendos
Tell me Muwala wa Hajji
When you wake up before that suhoor
Does it cross your mind Muwala wa Hajji
That lines found rhyme in poetic admiration

Look at me with those pretty eyes
Try me, and weigh this love like Iftar
Let me love your dimples, those pretty things
Like young blooming red roses
And those lips like honey-dipped cherries
Tell me Muwala wa Hajji

Do you see what I see?
Do you feel what I feel?
Will I find that line that in my prayers
That I may spell simple words to Allah
But if I never reach that point to ignite your love
I may be graced so that I can re-strategize
For I love you Muwala wa Hajji

A velvet skin that lights up diming eyes
A lovely face, held there on that nice veil
All clothed in that pretty hijab
But truly I love you, Muwala wa Hajji

©Ronald K Ssekajja 2015 #Tales_They_Didnt_Tell

Muwala wa Hajji means Daughter of Hajji
Suhoor the morning meal taken by Muslims prior to fasting before dawn
Iftar, the evening meal taken by Muslims to break the fast

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