(2nd July,1986 / Bahraich, India)


One who loves the past,
And likes not the present fashion,
Days upon him are vast,
But nights sooth him with emotion,
Sleeps well forgetting all about the day,
And expecting favourable one someday.

The conflict him and time,
Change himself or the surroundings,
He wins and sometimes prime,
Like quarreling cute siblings,
He looks modern but his heart is old,
And loves classical things that are gold.

He knows his glorious history,
And puts his eyes on present plight,
His heart weep, that's mystery,
And have often sleepless night.
Likes not the false hero who are mere an actor,
But loves the old one who had great character.

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Comments (4)

I like this style of writing, good poem
A nice autobiography, well composed. thanks for sharing. take care
Muzzammil, the poem is like a mirror, to give a picture of you but not by images for eyes but soul of you...the writing was totally your style and it complete component of your mirror soul, i'm not surprised that was your life coz i know you are good by read your poem.. :) _Unwritten Soul
Nice Mohammad! Thanks for sharing!