My 072908's Worry

My 072908's worry…
is like that of a man
whose wife is nine month pregnant
and now in the labor room

Getting ready to give birth

Friends and families are all outside
Same position holds the best wishers
With a line not allowed crossing.

Every second, minute, and hour passed
accounts for a pound of flesh or surpassed.

So serious, I don’t blink my eyes
even when being distracted by a fly.
All hopes are high,
theirs, yours and mine.

Insanity still noticeable
reminding me it’s a hospital.

The mobility of the nurses
going in and coming out
creates countless confusions

One fusion that worsens my worry

Just want to be enclosed in my reverie
The tension is nearing completion.
Soon, no more will my face
which shadows my rare ambition
be a picture of sheer misery.

by T. Ohis Oyonmi

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