My 365 Days Of Poetry Has To End

I wrote to Scott, my tribike best
How we chased and haunted the road
As I thought about sunrise from the east
And the crimson hues on the western side.

I often talked about life, love, faith and lust
My mind and soul wandered like a butterfly
When all the flowers of May bloomed fast
It coloured me just like the rainbow in my eye.

I was full of life the moment I talked of my love
A journey I indeed long cherished and held on
In every tic and tac of a clock, a time I lived
Above all else, those were moments I owned.

I used media and sceneries in my crafts
The sun, the moon, the stars and the sea
And many of my God'screations and arts
I made them my own expression and plea.

Year 2017, I have to say my hardest adieu
Not that my 365 days of poetry has to end
But like the footprints on the sand dune I saw
My works shallbecome a sand ripple of 2018.

RMG 12/25/17 3: 24PM #onlifeandlovetolive
#welcome2018 #happynewyear

by Rommel Galicia

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