My 80 Years On Earth

It was many years ago that my mother said: "I see,
Your hair is very red, so you must look much like me."
My cousin said that I was inconsiderate, you know,
Because I made her mother walk through a lot of snow
To carry lots of water to bathe that very little me
And to get lots of things that doctors need, you see.

I even came before my folks could fix their cabin, too.
So the cabin wasn't much, but for me it had to do.
The doctor told my mother it was like the birth of Christ, you see,
That setting was about the same, except a manger there should be.
Now, many years have passed. And I've seen many changes, too,
Changes in our ways of farming; and in our people, too.

I am really very thankful for the help throughout the years,
From my very special neighbors who helped drive away my fears.
Our dearest Lord and Savior has been near me every day,
To help me and guide me along life's troubled way.

He even brought me back to life, for some reason it is true.
Now I hope that I can do whatever He wants me to.
Then when I enter through that door, that it was my privilege to see,
I hope some of my many sins will be forgiven then for me.

Thanks to all you nice people, who are gathered here today.
May the good Lord bless and keep you, and help you on your way.
Your thoughtfulness will be remembered, for many years, 'tis true.
May you all have many birthdays, and may they be happy, too.

by Clinton Hassett

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