My Adhd

I look at them all
with their heads in their book
then I peer out the window
what's that? Have a look!
A squirrel passed by
and ran under that tree!
At this very moment
I must go and see!

Get back in your seat
pay attention to me
Now's not the time
to be wandering free
You're distracting the class
you rude little child
you must stop acting
so random and wild

But teacher believe me
it really isn't me
its just the affects of my ADHD
I don't mean to be naughty
or rudely interrupt
but the way that i'm wired
makes me act quite abrupt

I sit myself down
and I try once more
but am further distracted
by a sound at the door
What's happening out there?
I'm dying to know
my imagination runs wild
and refuses to slow

Oh not again
are you listening to me?
Why can't you focus?
Why must you be
too easy distracted
by a sight or a sound
always the one to stand out
from the crowd

but teacher believe me
i've told you before
my ADHD's
not a thing to ignore
I'm not like the others
I have different needs
less noise for me to focus
less sights for me to see

This time I sat to listen
but a thought popped in my mind
I had to let it out
though I knew it werent the time
the thought is like a bubble
and it fizzes round my brain
I have to voice it out
or i'll simply go insane!

That's another interruption
I cant take it anymore
you'll have to leave the class
walk straight down the corridor
your behaviour I wont tolerate
it simply will not do
let the head decide your fate
let him tell you what to do

I headed down the corridor
was going to see the head
but then I had another idea
for me to do instead
I seen people playing
on the playground outside
so I went out there to join them
till it was home time

by debbie Cook

Comments (3)

Adults suffer with this as well. I know, Thanks for sharing, Debbie Peace
ADHD - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, a medical condition affecting boys and girls alike, kids with ADHD have trouble focusing. They may understand what's expected of them but have trouble following through because they can't sit still, pay attention or focus on details. A well articulated piece of poetry, insightfully penned with conviction. A lovely piece indeed. Thanks for bringing to limelight this medical condition that is very real and yet unknown by many parents, guardians, teachers... Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON. ➕9
ADHD beautifully described....though it makes one smile