My Adventure

Friday, I did something I have never done before.
An adventure like none other.
Some have called me boring, while some have called me plain.
But Friday, I proved my critics wrong.

Heights are said to be my greatest fear.
I faced my fear head on.
Speed and plummeting to the earth, “something you could never do”.
Is the cry from the people closest to me.

Like David before me.
I slew my GOLIATH!

With heights beyond 200 feet,
And drops of 178 feet towards the earth below.
With speeds up to 70 miles per hour,
While seated between two good friends.

Up and down, up and down, and up and down again.
Then all of a sudden I am sent screaming to the right,
And then to the left, careening towards the finish.

“What am I doing“? I think to myself.
I grip the handle harder as we come to the last drop.
As the ride comes to a stop I have only one question.
“It’s over already”?

I walk toward the exit vowing to myself,
I must do that again!

by michael brown

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