LI (January 26,2006 / Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

Nostalgic Memories....

A sudden encounter with you took me by surprise
I was happy but couldn't believe my eyes...

Those college days suddenly flashed across my mind
Thereby making my memories unwind,
How we used to silently admire each other everyday
and how the fondness grew with every passing day.

With the college days getting over
We all lost ourselves in our busy lives,
Those petty fun we used to have, took a back-seat
and to search for our identity we all had to strive.

That day we met almost after a decade
Few moments were silent again,
Dumb struck we both were, we had nothing to say
Just smiled and went our way.

But then finally we chatted
And those few moments I would really cherish
Finally we befriended each other
and fulfilled our long lasting wish................

...........In a nutshell............

Life's a journey,
A circle where our paths cross again,
If we are destined to meet, we will meet
And it became true for us indeed.

A feel that struck my mind then was
If we really like someone, express it.
And not carry the same in our hearts
And regret later about it.

Life is only once, live it
Try to make the best of it.
Do not carry forward anything to next day
and try to keep all the problems at bay.

But at the same moment, be positive
Set your morning alarm everyday, be hopeful.
Rework on the opportunity lost yesterday
and Make the most of your today.

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this was a really good poem i liked it. nice choice of words