My Affair With Love

A dreamy journey
To the land, Of no hurts
Just the way it is
For the
Bees and the birds

It was just
Short lived romance
No, I don't hold
Any grievance

Paperback heroes
Are not for real
Should have known better
Before facing
The surreal.

So once again
I hide my pain
Alone forever
Life has preordained.

by Nalini Jyotsana Chaturvedi

Comments (1)

Dear Poet, This is not your affair with love, instead it is love with the affair in all the sense. Well, I say this rightly reading the pulses your words and expressions; the cute shell of expressions, you have innocently scattered over the sod of lexicons. Well, when we say ' no grievance is in captive' means they are, though you try to discard them. An intimate, passionate and considerate soul keep trying to migrate into an island of emotional isolation; but dare not the exodus by self. Thats all about this blessed poet Jyostsana Ji and her revealed soul; the due blend of imaginations, passions, thoughts, life and experience. Hope I have done justice to this review. God bless. Regads. Taj Shah