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RJ (25 October 1978 / Bronx, NY)

My Analysis...

The Analytical Mind… The Persistent Heart…
The mind will reason, will rationalize, will consider
But the heart, it can only feel
The mind can perceive, can observe, can calculate
But the heart still will only feel
The mind will tell you to get out of the fire when it starts to burn
But the heart will only feel the heat and cherish it
As if it is part of love
Blindly the heart will love and love and love and love
Until it is broken
And even then it will return to its preemptive state of love
The mind will tell you when you have had enough
It will tell you when to stop and when to start
The mind will tell you when you are being a fool
It will show you what it intellectual, from what is straight bullsh-t
What is the logic, what makes sense
It gathers evidence obtained by the 5 Senses and presents you
With a cause, effect, and (if needs be) a solution
The heart in its sole inclination can only feel
It is dumb, deaf and blind
The Helen Keller (if you will) of the two
Only knows what it feels
And it, of itself, has no control of what it feels
So vulnerable is the heart that on the dropp of a dime
It can switch from love to hurt on the slightest whim
And then with the same speed can switch back to love
Without warning or caution…
So with all the, afore written, ramblings taken into consideration
How is it that the heart, with all of it frailties, faults and weaknesses
Is able to triumph or champion over the mind with such decisiveness…
The mind will make all it calculations, put them in order and present them
In the most professional of manners
With the intention of preventing this man from being hurt
And the heart will walk in without preparation, regardless of reprisal and without care for consequence,
Only to say three words
'one more time'
And instantaneously, without deliberation,
The decision is made to try again
The, now petulant, mind in its outrage, will scream and protest
Only to be ignored, overlooked, and forgotten
The analytical mind in all of its glory and esteem
By the persistent heart

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