My Angel

Poem By Amanda Smi

My sweet angel where have you gone? Are you mad at me? Did I do sumthin
wrong? I wish you would come back into my arms. Please hold me again and
never let me go. Hold me so tight that nuthin can pry me out of ur arms. Let me
goto sleep knowin ur in my heart and I am on ur mind. Cuddle me in ur arms so
close I can feel your heartbeat and I can feel your soft breathin in my ears. Tell
me again that you love me forever. Tell me you'll never leave me again. Let goto
sleep dreamin that you're mine again. Kiss me sweetly in the summer rain holdin
me tight so that the wind does not take us apart. Whipe away the painful tears
that sting when they run down my face. Take away those tears that slip through
my pores on cheeks and travel to the nerves kickin and flickin the nerves so hard
it makes me hurt. Stop the burn in my heart from missin you so much with a
sweet kiss to cool my burn. Wrap me up in a blanket with you during a t-storm
so that I never feel cold again. Let me hold onto your strong body again so that
you can never leave me again. Let me stare into those beautiful eyes so that I
feel safe again. Allow me to wake up each morning knowin I have you in my
arms again. Play that song that made us fall in love again with your sweet,
soothing, singing voice. Please be mine again. Never let me feel unsafe again.
Never let me hurt anymore. Confort me again
when i am hurtin and in pain. Never let
anyone or anything hurt me again

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