My Angel 4

My Angel so divine and beautiful
how I deeply love and adore you.
You are all I see out there
and you are my sweet Queen.
Oh my dear Angel I so want and need
thee to complete my life
and we can be forever happy.
My sweet sweet Angel so clean
I want to be with you for eternity.

My Angel I would give my life for you,
I want to see you safe and happy always
no matter what it takes or you may need,
you're all that matters in so many ways
and I would give most anything to see you complete.
My sweet sweet Angel you are my everything,
you are the most beautiful woman
and total being.
My sweet sweet Kira Angel you are
my soulmate and best friend,
I couldn't ask forbetter than
having you with me for eternity.

My Angel please hear my plea and understand,
I truly do give all my best and who I am.
You are the perfect woman in my eyes,
noone better my wise little Angel so divine,
you are a gift and blessing sent from God.
I thank him deeply for who you are,
you my dear are all I want.
The most beautiful woman who's ever lived.
I love you Kira just for you.
Noone else will ever do.
You are my Angel it is true.

by Michael P. McParland

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