My Angel

give it all to me
skin on skin
scarred, marked sin
with the very blood of asking him
and now i lay with my burden
pretending heard him
calling my names
yet jeering at my pain
so im raptured by 'living' this lie
praying theres a void after i die

an isolated heard,
yet not exactly cold
just set me apart
from the things i wish to hold
so pure and vivid till the touch
i believe i loved him to much
so its never as it seems
mute love, yet it screams
of pain abadoned so deep inside
lost where it had lie
bidding time, till all else had died

sorrow kills me
feels me
in the screavses of my soul
till it burns a black hole
charred and realeases its lust
kissing goodbye the bonds of trust

thought id lay it all on you
something i could never do
to my dear sweet angel
yet from my angel i runaway
he pleads wiht me to stay
so i turn and voice
my cold, devious choice
for his love i do thirst
yet aswell for something worse
that over powers the purity deep inside
till my angel is charred and has died

relieve me from this curse
revive me from this plague
but how could my angle save me from this grave?
for theres no much of me to save
and my angel lays in his grave
my angel dies in his grave
the very grave that i have made

so strung among my insides
cold from glancing blows, all the lies
why would an angel save
and unlived from a grave
my angel, or my sweet vice
both could so easily entice
but listen to the cravings of my heart of my flesh?
but my angel saves the rest
of my burning aching flesh.

but to live inside my greed
the angel lays and bleeds
beauty slung to the floor
i cant trust me anymore
with nothing worth living or dying for

and the angel lays... all used
a forgivness so illegally abused.

by Kathryn Garner

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