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My Angel
CR (1989-present / Boston, MA)

My Angel

Your sweet as a button
and as nice as a lamb
you are gods angel to me
he sent you to save me
and free me from my pain

But something has happened
I have fallen for my angel
could this be love
or is it lust

Could I have found my tru love
or is it all a dream
my angel
or have you fallen for me too

My Angel
are you there
can you hear me
can you not see my tears
or am I lost to you

Please my angel
be mine
forever and always
dont leave me behind

What other person could treat you
like I can
who can be me
and make you happy
like I can

Please my angel
come to me
you say you love me
but would you show it! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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very nice, keep going on expressing your feelings and ours