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My Angel Baby

October 15th, lost forever,
I feel you with me, with me were together.
Tiny hopes, tiny dreams, tiny feelings, I felt inside of me....
Precious words, cant describe, Im lost without you, Im lost in time. Almost 6 years, you have already been gone, you have a new sister, with a brand new mom.
Your father couldnt handle, the pressure of you being gone. Daddy left, left me forever. He said he loved you, he said he cared, he was untruthful, with such despair.
He was there, when you slowly were growing, he loved me once, but that slowly disappeared..
Love wasn't enough to keep you alive, Im sorry baby, Im sorry you did not survive.
Little angel, angel of mine, I wish you were here, in my arms to lie.
Sleep peacfully, sleep so divine, feel me in your dreams so heavenly and kind.
I miss you baby, its so hard sometimes, people don't understand, to have a heart like mine. Dream with me, I will forever pray, you can be with me, with me to stay.
I love you Kendra my beautiful angel baby, I miss you a lot, promise me you'll wait for me and I'll be ready

by Della Maynard

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